Enterprise Field Tickets for the Oilfield

Never Miss Field Ticket Revenue Again

Field Ticketing

Field Tickets track time and billing charges for equipment, crews, parts, and miscellaneous items. The field ticket, upon approval, is the basis for billing your customer and automating the creation of each employee’s timesheet. Use traditional laptops or have the customer’s representative on-site sign a tablet and then you can email a signed Field Ticket straight away! Never miss a revenue item again!

Job Creation

Every job begins with a call from the customer to provide your services. Create a job in seconds for ongoing capture of costs and revenues associated with the job.

Made for Oilfield Service companies

Traditional software is generic and requires expensive customization to suit the oilfield services industry. JobuTrax is designed with a one track mind – the oilfield.

Easy to use

Ease of use is a fundamental design characteristic of Jobutrax. Traditional software can be complex to navigate. Jobutrax is an app that Field workers actually want to use.

Mobile / Off-line

Is the job in a location that does not have cellular or wifi capability? Utilize the Jobutrax mobile, off-line field ticket app to do your tickets and then sync back up with the main application when you have a cell or wifi signal!


Multiple roles including Admin, Office, Field Super, and Field ensure employees only view and access data they are entitled to. The security model provides further benefit by simplifying the number of screens that field users can see and access.


Management has real-time visibility into the revenue and costs for jobs, equipment and employees; ISN employee reporting.

Multi-company support

Many companies have Canadian, U.S., and other legal entities. With Jobutrax you can set them all up within a single subscription at no additional cost. Setup all office and base locations.


Add scanned documents to support any field ticket, job, or anything else you need more information for.

Never Miss Field Ticket Revenue Again


Track employees time for payroll. No need to rekey information that was recorded on the field ticket.

Pay Periods

Set up based on your company’s payroll. Pay period date ranges determine the timecards that employees can record their activities in.

Job Costing

All costs and revenues are tracked against the job. Jobutrax provides real-time visibility into the profitability of a job. Management can make changes if a job’s costs are running higher than expected.

Job Types

Segment jobs by job types for reporting purposes. E.g. a wireline job vs. a testing job.

Equipment Setup

Define multiple billing rates. For example: by the hour, the day, km, mile, etc.

Employee Setup

Define multiple pay and billing rates. For example, an employee would bill out at one rate on a job when in a Supervisor role and bill out at a different rate when in an Operator role.

Equipment History

Track activity costs on your Units as well as revenue to have a complete view. Jobutrax also alerts when specified thresholds have been exceeded – for example, when a Unit has been operating more than 250 hours and needs maintenance or re-certified.


The customer phone calls come fast and furious and you need to see what equipment and operators are “reserved” for what job and on what date. Further, you need to change out equipment reserved for one job because it is better suited for a job that was just called in…all done in seconds.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for parts, materials, and services and associate to a job.

Parts Tracking & Reporting

Report on parts received and parts issued.


Employees can submit expenses quickly, and they will all be grouped together and organized.


Track employees’ and equipment certifications including expiry dates.

Safety Meetings and checklists

Record Safety Meetings including JSA’s and checklists; pre-inspections.